Steel Reinforcing

steel reinforcement
Steel Reinforcing – Concrete Options supplies a full range of quality steel reinforcing materials & accessories. We can cater for jobs of any size, weather it’s a commercial, civil, or residential application we have an option for you! With 4 stores servicing the Queensland area, we stock all types steel reinforcing mesh, Pod systems, a full range of standard N grade deformed bar as well as pre-ordered processed bar cut and fabricated to suit the requirements of your project. Swimming pool reinforcing bar, Round reinforcing bar and dowels, Starter bars & Corner bars cut and bent to shape to meet the requirements depicted by the engineer. A full range of trench mesh, ligatures, and cages either stock or fabricated we will look after you with Exceptional service, Quality products to meet Australian Standards, a full delivery service, and free estimating off building plans!

Steel Reinforcing Accessories

Concrete Options holds a complete range of accessories including all sizes of Bar Chairs, Dowel sleeves, Nailing plates, Base plates, Expansion Joint Foam / Ableflex, Tie Wire & Loop Ties, Builders Film / Plastic, Joint induction systems (Key Joint, Expanda Joint, Cracka Joint, etc), conform, Form-a-Tube, Formwork and Decking. What we don’t have in stock we will get for you!